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2015 December

Open hands. Open hearts. It’s Christmas.

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  Today’s post is a wish for a blessed Christmas for you and yours, a wish for peace and joy and all the things that (thank you, Paul) are to be seen at least through a hazy mirror even here and now, imperfectly yes, the sort of things of the heart that one day we [...]

2015 December

Elizabeth, meet Elizabeth

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“Hey! So how is fatherhood going?” “It’s picking up,” he told me. “Hah! Well said!” Which goes to show that fatherhood is neither for the faint of heart nor those who want to get much sleep. In this case, the father was a new father of just a couple of weeks. You already know him, [...]

2015 December

Caught between health care and (the worst parts of) religion

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(The New Vision - Saturday, December 12, 2015) MUKONO, UGANDA ✦ She questioned if having the surgery was “God’s will,” but the truth is that she was afraid and misguided and besides her own safety, she was leaving her unborn child’s life to hang dangerously in the balance.

2015 December

The Pope is cool. He’s like a grandpa. Long live the Pope.

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Hannah says "The Pope is cool” and Liz says “He’s like a grandpa.” Which means that he would have to be a Dad. Which means (let’s just pretend) that he would have to be married. Which leads me to a recent excerpt on said Pope, this excerpt from a recent column: In truth, I can easily picture [...]

2015 December

Mary and Christmas carols in Africa

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‘Where does everyone go at Christmas?’ I asked, and all the African kids yelled 'Home!' and that’s how it started, a brief word shared last night from the front of our own home where a few dozen carollers, mostly Ugandans, gathered. It was our annual contribution to Christmas things here at the university that we’ve [...]

2015 December

The children here are disappearing

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The children of Uganda are disappearing. And it’s hard to know where they are going. I have written about this before, as it relates to the horrible issue of child sacrifice. Sometimes there are remarkable good news endings to these stories, for example the story of our friend, Richard, and how his little boy was [...]

2015 December

The spirited ways of Pope Francis

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(The Hamilton Spectator – Saturday, December 5, 2015) KAMPALA, UGANDA ✦ I am not Catholic. And, like you, I have my images of fatherhood. The better ones have more to do with the holiness of, say, my boy with a ball and a catching glove on our sun-filled front lawn than with the Holy Father coming to visit.

2015 November

The news of the week is good news

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The news of the week is good news. Our family friend, Dorothy, a Ugandan who has filled this space from time to time, had a change of heart and mind and decided, with her husband Patrick, to get herself to a Kampala hospital for a planned caesarian section after all. You’ll recall the great concern [...]