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2016 April

Okay, so my son has the dark side in him

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Okay, (still catching up here from last time), speaking of watching movies in Uganda, which we were recently with this latest Joseph Fiennes movie, I can report two other things. One relates to the new, (sort of new in Uganda, anyway), Star Wars movie. One is that, similarly to our movie experience in Yemen, around here [...]

2016 April

Just call me The Daily Granddad

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We’re taking the long way home. Through the UK. More to follow. Before this, through Athens. More to follow from here also. And before this, transiting through Brussels airport. Yes, that Brussels airport. And sure, more to follow from this (now) well-known spot as well. But first, it’s the pool, our final good-bye to Uganda [...]

2016 April

We have a limited democracy around here

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It’s dinner. The vote goes in the kids’ favour for what DVD we will watch this evening. (Dad's latest find, a biography on Rich Mullins, will wait another night for, uh, Laura Ingills and company.) “Thank God for whoever invented democracy,” says Jon. “The Greeks did,” I noted. (More on this soon: some news from [...]

2016 March

They’re everywhere

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It’s not yet breakfast and I catch Child #1.  I bend over to her ear. “I have a secret,” I say. “What is it?” she says. I whisper in her ear. “They’re everywhere.” She smiles. Shortly later, I do the same with Child #2, the boy. The same whisper in the ear. “They’re everywhere.” Smile. [...]

2016 March

So grab death and scream “Mine!” And what does it turn into?

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It’s bedtime. Liz needs to get to the kitchen to make her snack for the next day. “Dad!” she says. “I’m afraid to go out there. Something’s there. I can feel it in my bones!” “That’s arthritis.” + But, really, it’s the kids who often come up with the most though-provoking comments. Sometimes they’re funny. [...]

2016 March

I’m under 11. I can play. No, really.

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When it’s all over (this two-lives-for-the-price-of-one business, this travel and observing and returning home, then leaving again and looking more and writing at least some of it down), it’s the traffic that I will miss the least. Of all the dangers and perceived dangers of the developing world that were ruminated on to the point [...]

2016 March

Friends and family

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It was this morning and we had just left the kids at school. And we (my cousin and her husband, along with my wife’s cousin -- the three of them visiting from Canada) were at the club, in the entranceway going in, and he (a Swiss gentleman living in Uganda) was, by chance, coming down [...]

2016 February

Bantleman’s nightmare, the Brownshirts, and Jesus for president

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I woke up this morning and, as I often do, told my wife what I dreamed. Just a dream. Then I read the morning news. That was the nightmare. Trump continues to … you know. Then another story, another nightmare. Burlington's Neil Bantleman is going back to jail, for 11 years apparently, this because Indonesia’s [...]