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2014 June

It’s a privilege to be a (perfect?) father

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It was Father's Day Sunday morning and I was speaking to a local gathering about fatherhood and forgiveness. This was a surprise to even me because my own father was perfect. He doesn't need forgiveness. As was his father, perfect. Never went wrong. Never had a selfish thought. No, not once. And his father too. Always [...]

2014 June

Why are so many young men flaming out? Too much gaming and internet porn.

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So Jon wants to watch “The Funny Guy” before bed last night, that is Funny Guy Rick Mercer, and we find a clip online of Rick getting some fashion advice from Don Cherry and before it’s all over, RM has a new Cherry-like zebra suit. Jon laughs and I put him to bed and stroke [...]

2014 April

Dear Mr. Millard – Letter 2 – Have you seen the road to hell?

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My relationship with my own father has mellowed much over the years. This is what marriage and children and grandchildren and an ocean of separation can do. (I think you know I live in Africa most of the year, the genesis of which is for another conversation at another time.) But there was a time [...]

2013 February

Children, half-children and absent fathers

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On the other side of this blog, there’s a new post about Obama, the Prez. of the United States -- www.thomasfroese.com/2013/will-barack-obama-come-to-africa/ It’s a piece about Obama's relationship, or lack of, with Africa. Which is interesting, I think, because he’s a half-child of this continent, as his father -- his absent father, that is -- was [...]