2015 April

Sexually delicate territories

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The best time to talk to your nine-year-old boy about women’s plumbing and these sorts of sexually delicate territories is when he’s asleep. This is what every trying father discovers after said boy lays splayed on the living room floor pretending he’s having a baby. Yes, my son Jon was in obvious pain – it seems no epidural [...]

2014 April

God’s not dead. He’s living inside my son.

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She’s an astronaut, a space walker, a scientist of scientists, way up there in the cosmos, first floating free for some time, just on a tether, then, after some drama, getting into a tiny space capsule, into her driver’s seat of sorts. She is bright and pretty and has a one in ten million view of creation, [...]

2013 March

We’re Mennonite. Which way to Switzerland?

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It’s bedtime. The issue of Catholics and Protestants comes up, like we just dropped into the 16th century. That moves to Mennonites. The kids want to know what Mennonites are all about. We have a Mennonite name and heritage. (You know Friese, Frieselandt, Froese etc.) I figure it's a good time to share some family pride (in [...]