C.S. Lewis

2018 September

On dreams, flying and Aslan’s country

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I had a dream the other night, an outrageous foray into the sublimely bizarre. I was fighting a gorilla. He wore glasses, which, funny enough, looked like mine. I stood in the cleft of a rockface, and had a motorcycle in my shoulder bag. I was going to ride away, fly, somehow. Crazy for sure. Our dreams are such a mystery.

2016 April

Queen Elizabeth’s 90th, C.S. Lewis, and other news from The Kingdom

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So, we, the five of us, have been out of Africa for a bit, and taking the long way home to Hamilton, and are now in the United Kingdom, specifically in Stratford Upon Avon. Diana, (yes, like the mother of Prince William), is our B&B host and it’s breakfast and she tells us with a [...]

2016 January

Remember the signs

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It is difficult to leave, to walk out the door onto the road and all that uncertainty, to leave the familiar and walk into the unknown, but it’s what any of us are called to, even as Jill and Eustace are called in The Silver Chair. This is that C.S. Lewis story where these two [...]

2014 April

Dear Mr. Dellen Millard – Letter 1- Let me share something about evil

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We don’t give much thought to the devil these days – we’re well beyond all that. The best you might get is a funny t-shirt that says ‘The devil made me do it’ with, say, a picture of a naïve but guilty looking figure beside another with a pitchfork and red leotards. But what if [...]