Canada Day

2022 July

Getting to know our nation’s soul

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One summer day my eldest and I took a selfie at the corner of Portage and Main. We were exploring. I’d already  explored enough of Canada by myself. Once I took the train Toronto to Vancouver, before getting up to Tofino to stand in the Pacific with raised arms. As a dad, things are now different.

2017 June

Wherever we are, we all need grace in our lives

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I’m a white Canadian. But I easily imagine myself as a dark Arabian. A Muslim. There, on the streets with a kufiya on my head. Or there, I’m a Muslim woman with a beautiful, but hidden, face, walking along the beach. I’m just telling you. I mean, what if I was born in, say, Yemen.

2015 June

O Canada, Hannah stands on guard for thee

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In time to celebrate for Canada Day, the country has a new citizen with a brand new Canadian passport in hand. Her name is Hannah. She has a story. Faithful Reader knows some of, it, how gruelling an experience this has all been for some years as expressed in this New Vision piece. But after, [...]

2015 June

O Canada, Hannah stands on guard for thee

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(The Hamilton Spectator - Saturday, June 27, 2015) HAMILTON, CANADA ✦ My youngest daughter, Hannah, is a cool girl who loves water, makes friends easily and puts lots of maple syrup on her pancakes. She laughs more than I do, often from a deep and hearty place. She likes the fact that her name – which in the original Hebrew means “gracious” or “God’s gift to the world” – is spelled the same forwards and back. Canada is cool too. It makes fine maple syrup and, as far as countries go, laughs more than many.