2015 November

(More) Turkish Delight (with a magic genie lamp this time)

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I’m back in Africa. But let’s go back just a few days. Hey, there’s a guy balancing four wine glasses, full, on top of each other, on his head. Everyone laughs. And cheers. That is one enormous and flat head. This, on an old cobblestone road in front of the Hotel Sultana, an otherwise non-descript [...]

2014 March

The joy of singleness. (Or … Ahhh, the single life. No vomit bag today)

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My daughter vomited on the way to school yesterday morning. This, of course, is the sort of thing that makes any parent’s heart go pitter-patter, thump-thump, yes, one of the golden moments of any dad’s day. In our family, on what is a rather onerous school-run every weekday morning, vomiting, in fact, is sort of shared [...]

2014 February

If I had a billion dollars

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It was Don Cherry on one of his Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Hockey videos, a Christmas gift brought back from Canada, and we were wondering about Don’s background and we researched that while his life was full of hockey, his formal education didn’t go past high school. “See,” said Liz. “Don Cherry didn’t get an [...]

2014 February

What would Philip Seymour Hoffman say? – Enjoy the ordinary

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It’s early morning and I’m out with the dog and he barks and chases a monkey and this is just the start of another routine day in Africa. I’m thinking about it, too, the sad news of the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman. A father of three, like myself, he was also virtually my age. [...]

2013 December

This New Year, kick The Bucket List. Live the life. Play in the snow.

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I don’t really believe in New Year resolutions or those Bucket Lists either, but I guess if I were to drop dead today I’d be content. More or less. Well, you know, within reason. I realized this right around the time my eight-year-old did a face-plant in the snow while we were skiing yesterday. Jon went down [...]

2013 June

The Lord is my Shepherd. So why do I want a Porsche?

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Liz is now tall enough to legally sit in the front seat when Daddy drives. Oh no. Today, it's the front seat; tomorrow it's a new car. What you might find more interesting is that young professionals in, of all places, Africa have some entitlement issues of their own. Here's a recent commentary on it. PDF Version (Christian Week - [...]

2013 May

Dellen Millard: a young man of ambition

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Ambition, like contentment, is one of those strange words to talk about with the children because it means everything and nothing at the same time. In a sense we are all ambitious because we are all looking. Through our actions more than our words, this is the lasting message that we leave our kids: we are looking for [...]