2019 April

If you die in space, are you alone?

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It was a question after dinner. The kids asked me. “So, Dards, if it were possible, would you rather know exactly how you’ll die, or when you’ll die?”“Hmm,” I said. (Always a good response for such questions.) “I don’t know.” (Even better.) What I know is that, like many others, I’d rather not die alone. Imagine dying alone

2013 October

Morning in Africa with the animals

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It’s morning in Africa and, as often, today started with reading and listening to Brahms while on the cross-trainer and enjoying the brightness of the day’s creation. And here the creation is now Zack, our new Young Dog, plus four new rabbits from Sam and his significant other, plus Bilbo, The Cat’s Girlfriend, so named [...]

2013 September

The joke of creation

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My children love to tell it, and told it again not long ago, this joke, laughing and tripping over themselves to the punch-line. It goes like this. There’s a scientist and God. And the scientist challenges God to a contest of who can make the better human being. God tells him that he’s on, at [...]