2013 October

How to handle your daughter’s boyfriends

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I’ve been looking through the Parenting Manuel they gave when my oldest was born but I don’t see anything on what to do when she gets five, yes FIVE, boys professing their love for her. Liz is 10. ‘Daddy, daddy!’ is how it all started one day after school. ‘You’ll never guess what happened!’ Liz [...]

2013 January

Jon’s premarital woes continue

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So, they’re still at it, still after my son and asking for his hand in marriage – Agnes and Rainer – the two seven-year-old school girls who are flat out and deep into it, unable to control themselves because Jon, apparently, has everything that it takes. Faithful Reader will recall that the two girls both proposed [...]

2012 December

Dating disappointments

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I once dated a girl who told me that she didn’t like much of anything to do with the Narnia tales. It comes to mind, I suppose, since we’ve been recently talking about Narnia and my seven-year-old’s marital prospects. The girl couldn’t get how the Sons and Adam and Daughters of Eve could get along [...]

2012 November

Too young to marry

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Several girls appear to be flat out in love with my son. They’re in his class. He’s 7. Two have proposed. The third has asked him if he’s ever kissed a girl on the lips. This unfolded when Jon was class VIP the other day. He was in front, in his VIP chair, answering questions [...]