On dreams, flying and Aslan’s country

I had a dream the other night, an outrageous foray into the sublimely bizarre. I was fighting a gorilla. He wore glasses, which, funny enough, looked like mine. I stood in the cleft of a rockface, and had a motorcycle in my shoulder bag. I was going to ride away, fly, somehow. Crazy for sure. Our dreams are such a mystery.

On dogs, dreams and getting robbed … again

Healing can come in any number of ways, of course, even through a dog. Our dog, Zak – he’s laying a few feet from me right now – has been this for me. If you’ve never met Zak, you can do so here, through these simple pleasures. Yes, Zak has been many things: guard dog, …

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It was Around the Couch Time and we got on the topic of dreams and we each had something to say on the matter. I asked if anyone dreamed much of flying. I have. And I explained exactly how I did, indeed, fly in my dreams. And what about those unnerving dreams? Getting chased. Drowning. Getting shot. …

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The ice house

I dreamed we had a series of skating rinks in our house. We can’t do that, my Bride said when I told her about it. I was skating round and round without a shirt on, I told her. For sure, our kids would also appreciate skating rinks in the house. Deprived of skating most of …

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Want a lifeboat? Go to Walmart

Walmart is closing all its stores worldwide except for four “life boat” stores. One is in San Francisco. This is what I dreamed last night, sometime after the thunderstorm. In season, it rains hard here. Thus, I suppose, the lifeboats. I told my kids at the breakfast table. Wal Mart is closing. That’s nice, said …

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