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2014 October

The Daily Dad Photo Pick – 1

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Hannah has a way of showing her joy like nobody else in our family and this moment shows it. Mom gets credit for catching her in midair during our recent family Thanksgiving holiday. We travelled north to the Kyaninga Lodge, near the Congolese border. An hour away from Kyaninga is some of the best chimp trekking [...]

2014 September

I got the snip-snip, thanks. But, sure, let’s get a dog.

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We’re around the breakfast table and the kids are bragging about how old they are, that is how mature and experienced and all that. Liz makes the point she’s in Year 7 now, which, in their international school in Uganda actually means high school. The other two aren’t far behind. Which brings the table conversation [...]

2013 October

Korean flights and reporters and a family photo

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My Bride and I are on a plane in a few hours flying back to the kids in Uganda, from Korea, this land of hand-helds and sliding doors, from the west side of Korea while a typhoon comes from the east, something our travel agent and the news have both warned us about. But our Korean [...]