2016 March

Friends and family

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It was this morning and we had just left the kids at school. And we (my cousin and her husband, along with my wife’s cousin -- the three of them visiting from Canada) were at the club, in the entranceway going in, and he (a Swiss gentleman living in Uganda) was, by chance, coming down [...]

2013 November

What suicide can teach us about fear and living freely

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(The UCU Standard - Friday, November 1, 2013) MUKONO, UGANDA ✦ Suicide is a shabby and shameful business, something that nice people don’t get mixed up in, yet here they are, two suicides in our university family, two young people who in separate incidents have left us with nothing but a disturbing ‘good-bye.’

2013 July

Cousins and gifts and a different sort of beauty

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‘This is how you do it, she said, and she put some water in the sink and got some soap and took it all in her hands and showed me how to wash my shirt in the sink. The shirt was short-sleeved and striped blue and white, horizontally, and the sink was in the attic [...]

2013 January

Of course God is not a woman … is She?

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We were talking about God – is God a 'He?' is God a 'She?' is God 'Something Else?' – and we all had views on this night at the campus home of these university friends with all these other friends, while our kids, the whole brood and mix of them, were in another room watching a [...]