2019 February

Learning at the school of life

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Andrew Thomas is the little boy who smiled and played with my hands the first time I met him outside the university guesthouse where, these days, I have my meals. There, from your side of the ocean, my own children, along with their mother, watched and said hello to Andrew through a video screen.

2016 March

Friends and family

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It was this morning and we had just left the kids at school. And we (my cousin and her husband, along with my wife’s cousin -- the three of them visiting from Canada) were at the club, in the entranceway going in, and he (a Swiss gentleman living in Uganda) was, by chance, coming down [...]

2015 February

What’s better than wine and stronger than death?

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When you're an 11-year-old and a boy in your class asks you to go out and it's the day before Valentine's Day and he even gives you a rose, what's a girl to do? This was the situation yesterday for Liz. Of course, it takes great courage for a boy to muster all it takes [...]

2014 October

A letter of thanks from a Ugandan girl

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My Bride is in Tanzania with some Save the Mother work so I’ve been Single Daddin’ It for a couple of days which is nothing, really, compared to an American friend who is doing the same for an entire month as his wife is back in The States for some important things there. So my friend [...]

2014 August

So what’s your story?

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The highlight of the week was seeing a buddy from ye olde boyhood years. I hadn't seen him for more than three decades. He and his wife came the other evening for dinner. "This is my son, Jon," I said, at one moment. "And this is my friend ..." "Yeah, yeah, I know," said Jon. "This is your friend [...]

2014 August

The strange death of Godwin Chepkurgor, and saying a prayer for an African marriage.

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Getting married, not to mention being a journalist, in Africa has its cultural quirks, and dangers, as evidenced by the recent strange death of journalist Godwin Chepkurgor, who was apparently just killed by a herd of bull elephants while on assignment for a Kenyan publication. This sort of thing happens in Africa once in a [...]