Good Friday

From an instrument of pain to a symbol of healing power

It was a Friday some 2,000 years ago and he was a hardened criminal with a sorry life. For what it was worth, that life must have played before his mind’s eye like a regrettable movie. He was dying by asphyxiation, lack of oxygen. This is how criminals, would-be revolutionaries

Dark news on Good Friday

The horrible news of the attack at Garissa University College in neighbouring Kenya came shortly after we, as a family, attended Good Friday services this morning. The al-Shabab attack that killed at least 147, not far from the Somalian border, was in an area known for its instability, at a relatively small and certainly vulnerable …

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Betrayed by a kiss. Saviour of the world.

Judas, giver of history’s best-known kiss, has always had a bad rap. While Judas was a very capable individual – he was picked to be the treasurer of Christ’s preaching and healing and wandering and laughing troupe for a reason – we know that he was more interested in skimming the coffers and in other …

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The prayer of all prayers

It was in the garden where he talked to his Father. ‘Abba,’ he said, which is to say, ‘Daddy.’ ‘Daddy, I know you can do anything. And I know you can take this away from me. This cup. I know you can take it away. It’s too much. Too bitter. Too awful. Daddy. Please, Daddy, …

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Light and shadows in a Good Friday world

(Christian Week – April 2013)

KAMPALA, UGANDA ✦ Jesus wept. Not long before he set his face like flint toward Jerusalem and the cross, he wept. Why?

Surely he knew how it would all end, how he’d resurrect Lazarus, who lay nearby so cold and dead; how this miracle would foreshadow his own final triumph over the grave. Was he playing his audience? It’s a scene with at least some strangeness. Here’s another.

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