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2014 April

Why I support a longer school day

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It’s dinner time and once again the kids just HAVE to talk about sex, which is quite remarkable considering the only Miley Cyrus they watch is from the days when she was a fully-clothed Hannah Montana who kept her tongue to herself. Of course, the best way to end any kids' sex talk is to [...]

2014 April

Forgiving our fathers. And mothers. (What a load.)

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If there is one thing I’ve learned about fatherhood since the condition fell on me (like a piano out of a 4th-floor window) it’s that today’s fathers are perfect. Always. Yep. Every day. Sunup to sundown. And because today’s fathers, and mothers too, are perfect, they should be given great honour. I tell my kids this in subtle ways. For instance, [...]

2013 November

Jean rocks Hamilton. So does the Spectator. (The kids? I think they’re in Congo)

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It’s somewhere around Day 54,386 of Single Daddin’ It, the highlight of my year when it's just me and the kids. Is it November still? I think it snowed yesterday. Pretty sure about that. Somewhat sure. Okay maybe it rained. I think Jean called yesterday too. She’s my wife. My Bride. We started dating when you [...]

2013 October

How to handle your daughter’s boyfriends

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I’ve been looking through the Parenting Manuel they gave when my oldest was born but I don’t see anything on what to do when she gets five, yes FIVE, boys professing their love for her. Liz is 10. ‘Daddy, daddy!’ is how it all started one day after school. ‘You’ll never guess what happened!’ Liz [...]

2013 May

Why it’s important to wear sensible footwear

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We were eating. It was the first meeting with my side of the family since all of us, the Froese 5, returned to Canada. And my nine-year-old, Liz, was explaining everything that I had taught her. Ever. 'Daddy says not to wear high heels. It’s bad for your back,' she explained. 'This is the only thing Daddy has [...]

2013 February

The funny thing about Jesus … is that he’s so funny

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The funny thing about Jesus – and let’s face it, of all the things that Jesus was, he was a very capable humourist – is that he could say the things he did with a straight face. It comes to mind because we were just talking about talent, Liz’s writing talent for her authorship of [...]

2013 February

My next fatherhood book – ‘Dude! Figure It Out Yourself!’

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 I should mention that before one embarks on something as foolish and dangerous as parenthood, you should get some training. One way to do this is to go to your local big-box bookstore, read everything you can get your hands on about being a great parent and then do the exact opposite. This is why my next [...]