2015 August

Americans need to take back their lives. Go to Washington en masse.

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I’m at the Y and it’s the news on TV and the story that will still take some time to play itself out, the one of Alison Parker and Adam Ward, the two slain journalists from Virginia, the story that has shocked, at least to the extent that anyone can be shocked anymore. Not that [...]

2013 November

Hey, let’s shoot Dad!

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So, it’s Day 15 of Single Daddin It’ and we’re at the dinner table, that place of ever-illuminating discussion, and Jon blurts out, ‘Hey Dad, if you got shot, would you rather be shot in the mouth or in the eye?’ I looked up from my Kraft Dinner and hotdogs. I mean, really, has it [...]

2012 December

The ice house

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I dreamed we had a series of skating rinks in our house. We can’t do that, my Bride said when I told her about it. I was skating round and round without a shirt on, I told her. For sure, our kids would also appreciate skating rinks in the house. Deprived of skating most of [...]