Hamilton Gallery of Distinction

2013 November

Jean rocks Hamilton. So does the Spectator. (The kids? I think they’re in Congo)

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It’s somewhere around Day 54,386 of Single Daddin’ It, the highlight of my year when it's just me and the kids. Is it November still? I think it snowed yesterday. Pretty sure about that. Somewhat sure. Okay maybe it rained. I think Jean called yesterday too. She’s my wife. My Bride. We started dating when you [...]

2013 September

Why My Bride lights up the room. Congratulations to her.

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When the Light of the World talked about light, he made the plain observation that it’s not something to hide. No, we strike a match and light a lamp and put it high so that we don’t bump into the furniture. Of course, in Uganda, when the power goes out after dark, this can be [...]