Hannah’s adoption

2017 January

No more kids! (But their birthday cakes? Hmm.)

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It’s been the never ending birthday for our youngest, Hannah, who needs little introduction. She’s the girl who gets in the papers when she becomes a Canadian citizen, the girl who honestly give thanks for her life (and for bypassing the other life she could have had), the girl who Providence shines on in the [...]

2014 October

Someday the last will be first. Someday.

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It’s been Hannah in the news here lately, with this post at Thanksgiving and, the other day, this photo, a photo that prompted a Ugandan university student to write me and say a big thank you to our entire family for adopting Hannah. ("thanx for adopting our ugandan girl who cant help her self....") This sort of [...]

2014 October

On adoption, giving thanks and growing young

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She's  hardly a perfect girl, but there is one thing about our adopted daughter, Hannah, she can say things from time to time that show just how profoundly thankful she is to be in our family. Even at her young age -- she's just 8 -- she knows enough about her own story. On the [...]

2014 March

Hannah’s story in Uganda’s national newspaper

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Hannah’s adoption continues to make the news, this time in Uganda’s national  daily, the New Vision. Faithful Reader knows all about the good news of the recent adoption approval we received from the Ugandan court. This, after we fostered Hannah for three years, and then after a further wait of more than 500 days. That’s [...]

2014 January

The hills are alive with the sound of mystery

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So over the weekend Hannah and I did a little dance because Hannah wanted to dance in her new birthday bathrobe, this during an intermission of The Sound of Music, the first time all five of us sat down to watch it together. Maybe Hannah danced too because we’re still basking in the glow, that [...]

2014 January

Hannah gets The Story

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It’s just past 6 in the morning and Hannah is eating her toast and yoghurt, and from behind her I put my one hand on her shoulder, and then my other hand on her head, and I throw my own head back and then in a sort of bellowing loud voice I start into it all. “And [...]

2013 December

Hannah sees the judge, Nelson Mandela smiles at us

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It’s Entebbe, Uganda’s port of entry and departure, and we’re almost on a plane over the ocean and back to our home, the one where you can’t wear a t-shirt outside during this time of year. And on the table in front of me is an African news magazine with a picture of Nelson Mandela, [...]

2013 June

A prayer for Hannah. And this return visit to her orphanage

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It's hard to know exactly how many orphans Uganda may have. Some estimates are as high as two million. What we do know is that there is one less. Her name is Hannah. She has been in our home for almost four years now. The interesting thing about Hannah is that long before we met [...]