Hannah’s adoption

2013 April

Hannah’s adoption is official. Today. We hope.

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Today, April 8, 2013, is, we hope, the day we finally get Hannah’s adoption approved. We have been here before, to this court in Jinja, Uganda, but the wheels for this sort of thing, especially in Africa, can grind slow. Today, Hannah has on her best dress and, with us – and her siblings and [...]

2013 April

Liz is 9. She’s making a difference. This is her message.

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A child is just a child, you say, and when I was younger my own father would make a point of telling us what his father would tell him, namely that ‘Children are to be seen and not heard.’ Some children are neither seen nor heard, true, especially the many orphans – estimates are as [...]

2013 February

My wife, the movie star – Part II

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Faithful Reader will recall that My Bride is a movie star. You can read all about that here at www.dailydad.net/2012/my-wife-the-movie-star/ At that time, I mentioned the clunky lights and big cameras and probing questions that were brought into our Canadian home one summer day, all so that I could also talk about my own story: how I was [...]