2016 March

They’re everywhere

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It’s not yet breakfast and I catch Child #1.  I bend over to her ear. “I have a secret,” I say. “What is it?” she says. I whisper in her ear. “They’re everywhere.” She smiles. Shortly later, I do the same with Child #2, the boy. The same whisper in the ear. “They’re everywhere.” Smile. [...]

2014 June

I believe in you. I love you. I am here.

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They don’t say it in schools in Ontario anymore, of course, but in the day, they did, we all did, day after day, year after year, right alongside the playing of God Save the Queen, the prayer that is The Prayer, the one that is called the Lord’s Prayer. By the time I finished my [...]

2014 April

Dear Mr. Millard – Letter 3 – If you ever want forgiveness, everything you have isn’t enough

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Even on this side of Easter, forgiveness is no easy thing. Christ said so much during a beachside breakfast with his friends on a lake not long after the remarkable events of Easter weekend. He did this during that rather poignant exchange with Peter, that friend of urgency and largeness who, just days earlier, while [...]

2014 April

Betrayed by a kiss. Saviour of the world.

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Judas, giver of history’s best-known kiss, has always had a bad rap. While Judas was a very capable individual – he was picked to be the treasurer of Christ’s preaching and healing and wandering and laughing troupe for a reason – we know that he was more interested in skimming the coffers and in other [...]

2013 May

Tim Bosma, dream house builder. Don’t let your heart be troubled.

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‘Don’t let your hearts be troubled,’ is what he said. ‘Trust in God. Trust also in me. My Father’s house has plenty of room.’ This is what Jesus told his friends. That he was going to get things ready. That he’d come back to get his friends when things were all set. He’d have to [...]

2013 May

Praying for Tim Bosma. Growing young.

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It was Mother’s Day, Day 7 of it all, Day 7 since Timothy Bosma left his Hamilton home for a quick test drive of his truck with a couple of strangers and then vanished. And it was my girls who prayed for him. ‘Dear Jesus,’ Liz said. We were on the 401, in the van, in the busyness of the [...]