2013 April

Finding craziness in the world’s sanity

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The cat is meowing, the sun is shining and the children are across the way, at the park, playing in the sand under the mango tree, excited as ever about the castles and rivers and other things they’ve been working on feverishly for several days now, excited that last night’s light rain hasn’t washed much [...]

2013 April

A different sort of Easter bunny story

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We’ve heard the story so many times – Jesus died, Jesus rose from the dead – that we think we know something about something, and maybe we do know, if nothing else, a profound hope, the hope of eternal life not on some fluffy cloud playing a harp with cherubs floating around, but a hope of [...]

2013 March

The prayer of all prayers

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It was in the garden where he talked to his Father. ‘Abba,’ he said, which is to say, ‘Daddy.’ ‘Daddy, I know you can do anything. And I know you can take this away from me. This cup. I know you can take it away. It’s too much. Too bitter. Too awful. Daddy. Please, Daddy, [...]

2013 March

Light and shadows in a Good Friday world

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(Christian Week - April 2013) KAMPALA, UGANDA ✦ Jesus wept. Not long before he set his face like flint toward Jerusalem and the cross, he wept. Why? Surely he knew how it would all end, how he'd resurrect Lazarus, who lay nearby so cold and dead; how this miracle would foreshadow his own final triumph over the grave. Was he playing his audience? It's a scene with at least some strangeness. Here's another.

2013 March

If you could ask the Master anything, but anything …

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We were talking about talking animals, the type that talk in Narnia. To think that a horse or a fawn or a messianic lion for that matter would not only have a mind of its own, but actually express it in one way or another is something that speaks to the child in us, or, at [...]

2013 February

The funny thing about Jesus … is that he’s so funny

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The funny thing about Jesus – and let’s face it, of all the things that Jesus was, he was a very capable humourist – is that he could say the things he did with a straight face. It comes to mind because we were just talking about talent, Liz’s writing talent for her authorship of [...]