2013 August

Jon and Hannah on the birds and the bees

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The conversation with my so mature 8-year-old boy went like this: Jon: Dad, when are you going to tell Hannah about the birds and the bees? Me: When she’s ready. Jon: When will that be? Me: When she's ready. Then shortly later, the conversation, now with Jon and Hannah, all of seven, went like this. [...]

2013 May

Why it’s important to wear sensible footwear

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We were eating. It was the first meeting with my side of the family since all of us, the Froese 5, returned to Canada. And my nine-year-old, Liz, was explaining everything that I had taught her. Ever. 'Daddy says not to wear high heels. It’s bad for your back,' she explained. 'This is the only thing Daddy has [...]

2013 April

Why slowing down matters

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He was a hard-working man, which isn’t the worst, except that he worked so hard and so long and his love for it all was so very satisfying that his wife and children stopped expecting him to join them around the dinner table, never mind the Little League games and the school plays and evening [...]

2013 March

Jon, my son, Mister Potato Head

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‘Daddy, Daddy!’ It’s Jon. He’s really excited. He’s harvested his potatoes. ‘Look at this one. It’s as big as the ones you see on the shelves in the store!’ He stands at the edge of his garden and holds up a potato. I wouldn’t say it’s huge. But it’s not small either. Not like the [...]

2013 March

We’re Mennonite. Which way to Switzerland?

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It’s bedtime. The issue of Catholics and Protestants comes up, like we just dropped into the 16th century. That moves to Mennonites. The kids want to know what Mennonites are all about. We have a Mennonite name and heritage. (You know Friese, Frieselandt, Froese etc.) I figure it's a good time to share some family pride (in [...]