Leslie Leyland Fields

2014 November

A long drive (Excerpt #4 – Forgiving our Fathers and Mothers)

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He was a man, youngish, well, certainly not all that old even if he had a beard that put some years on him. For one reason or another, he had come a long way, halfway across the country, thousands of kilometres, in his black pick-up truck. And then, finally, he stood there at the front door [...]

2014 August

Why we share even the painful stories (Excerpt #3 – Forgiving our Fathers and Mothers)

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We’re still putting our feet up —it is summer after all – skimming without hurry through Leslie Leyland Field’s book, "Forgiving our Fathers and Mothers." If you missed the first couple of excerpts, they are here and here. This is Leslie’s reason for writing about all this in the first place, her reason for telling [...]

2014 June

Forgiving our Fathers and Mothers – (Excerpt 1 – Silence)

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Some weeks ago I introduced this book, Forgiving our Fathers and Mothers, in this space, a book by Leslie Leyland Fields that is recently released. Leslie is a writing colleague I met during while studying in the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program at Seattle Pacific University. Leslie knows first-hand the great importance [...]

2014 April

Forgiving our fathers. And mothers. (What a load.)

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If there is one thing I’ve learned about fatherhood since the condition fell on me (like a piano out of a 4th-floor window) it’s that today’s fathers are perfect. Always. Yep. Every day. Sunup to sundown. And because today’s fathers, and mothers too, are perfect, they should be given great honour. I tell my kids this in subtle ways. For instance, [...]