Life in Africa

2015 February

Singing in the heart of Africa

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It’s a beautiful morning in Africa, not just because the sun is rising and the birds are singing and the monkeys jumping, but because my daughter too is singing. She has been working on this piece for weeks – it’s an Adele song – and I will never tire of hearing it because there’s a [...]

2013 July

On anniversaries and a medley of “summer love”

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(Hamilton Spectator – Friday, July 26, 2013) Love has always been one of those loaded words, one that means everything and nothing at the same time because we can love the latest Bond movie or country music or summer rain, but this has nothing to do with summer love at, say, a July wedding, or the love that shows on the faces of a couple who have sailed through thick and thin.

2012 December

Jon’s underwear – gone

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They were all missing … Liz’s swimsuit (they call them swim ‘costumes’ here), Jean’s shirts, Jon’s underwear and other things that we didn’t even know of. It got increasingly disturbing when that underwear supply got thinner and thinner. This was the situation some time ago at the back of our house, from the clothes rack [...]