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2013 March

The day we almost lost Jon II (or The bravest boy on this side of the Atlantic)

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The other time that we almost lost Jon, (see http://www.dailydad.net/2013/the-day-we-almost-lost-jon/ for the first time), he was running from a girl at school. As fast as possible. (This is not unusual for my son, a young man who tends to be pursued by the girls. http://www.dailydad.net/2012/too-young-to-marry/  and http://www.dailydad.net/2013/jons-pre-marital-woes-continue/ ) But during this partiuclar chase he crashed head-first into [...]

2013 March

The day we almost lost Jon

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We lose things in our family. Swimming goggles. Socks. Our patience with each other. We’ve almost lost Jon twice. The first time was at our Ugandan university home, which is generally safe except for the snakes and wild monkeys and irritating birds that tend to hang around such institutions of higher learning. ‘So, where is [...]