Maple Crest School

2014 March

Men, this International Women’s Day, WAKE UP!

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I’ve always liked older women. When I was in Grade 2, Queen Elizabeth was … well … quite something, up there on the classroom wall at Maple Crest School, looking down at me with that hot outfit and crown and all. Those were fine days. The only woman who could compete with the young queen was [...]

2013 February

We’re lovers. This is how we fight.

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We’re driving to school and Jon is sitting in front. I figure it’s a good time to talk about man stuff. ‘When you fight,’ I say, ‘don’t rely too much on your big toe.’ Jon is soaking his big toe in a bucket of salt water.  Short of having to cut his big toe off (Jon looked [...]

2013 January

‘So, Daddy, it was here? It was right here?’

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Speaking of returning to places that are good for the soul, the earth of my elementary school is one such place, one that I bring the kids to when we’re back home in Canada. It’s become an annual affair, a day trip every summer that the three have all joined me on, but one that [...]