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2015 December

Elizabeth, meet Elizabeth

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“Hey! So how is fatherhood going?” “It’s picking up,” he told me. “Hah! Well said!” Which goes to show that fatherhood is neither for the faint of heart nor those who want to get much sleep. In this case, the father was a new father of just a couple of weeks. You already know him, [...]

2015 November

The news of the week is good news

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The news of the week is good news. Our family friend, Dorothy, a Ugandan who has filled this space from time to time, had a change of heart and mind and decided, with her husband Patrick, to get herself to a Kampala hospital for a planned caesarian section after all. You’ll recall the great concern [...]

2014 May

Headline: Airliner filled with mothers vanishes. No, really – where have all the mothers gone?

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The country knows when a mother loses one child for a short while during an outrageous hospital abduction. And the entire world knows when an airliner leaves Malaysia and then vanishes mysteriously. But what about when mother upon mother lose their newborns? Or an airliner full of mothers goes down? It happened yesterday. Did you hear? And today. [...]

2014 May

A job that’s not for the faint of heart

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Liz: Dad, I have a riddle for you. Okay. Liz: You have to guess what it is. Uhuh. Liz: This is a job. It's a job where you work all the time. You can never get any rest from it.  You just keep going all the time. Right. Liz: Yeah, it’s 24-7. Especially at first. You have to work [...]

2014 March

Hey Little Jeannie. You’ve got so much love. (And I’m a better man for it.)

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The truth is that if it wasn’t for My Bride, I’d be living on some deserted island hunting wild boar and eating coconuts and running around a fire as crazy as the Mad Hatter. But she rescued me from that life some time ago and brought me to Yemen. (YEMEN! of all places.) And now, [...]

2013 October

Korean flights and reporters and a family photo

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My Bride and I are on a plane in a few hours flying back to the kids in Uganda, from Korea, this land of hand-helds and sliding doors, from the west side of Korea while a typhoon comes from the east, something our travel agent and the news have both warned us about. But our Korean [...]

2013 June

On dragons, Bilbo Baggins, and My Bride’s honorary doctorate

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The thing about dragons is that you have to believe they exist before you can go and slay them. And even after you believe, you have to somehow care. It’s much easier to let any old dragon open its mouth and breathe its fire and destroy what it may while you leave the poor villagers [...]