men and women

2015 April

Sexually delicate territories

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The best time to talk to your nine-year-old boy about women’s plumbing and these sorts of sexually delicate territories is when he’s asleep. This is what every trying father discovers after said boy lays splayed on the living room floor pretending he’s having a baby. Yes, my son Jon was in obvious pain – it seems no epidural [...]

2015 February

Spunky women and other things lost in translation

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This is from Peter, a Ugandan music teacher explaining one of his first interactions with his future bride-to-be. These two youngish Ugandans were around our dinner table last night. Their initial conversation went like this: Her: Do you remember my name? Him: No. Her: What kind of teacher are you that you don’t remember your [...]

2014 October

On love and prayer outside of Eden

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Before My Babe came into my picture I had a dating life and, of course, she had also dated some guys before I sort of tripped into her world. (In fact sometime after the fact, My Babe told me that the wedding she had asked me to attend with her, the key date that changed [...]

2014 September

Yada Yada Yada on sex and my manhood

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I don’t know. All this talk about sex and my manhood. It started when this post simply shared our updated family photo and the news that while the Family Dog is now in our annual shot, our family won’t get larger because I’ve had the snip-snip, that is a vasectomy. My Obstetrician Babe gave her [...]

2014 March

Men, this International Women’s Day, WAKE UP!

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I’ve always liked older women. When I was in Grade 2, Queen Elizabeth was … well … quite something, up there on the classroom wall at Maple Crest School, looking down at me with that hot outfit and crown and all. Those were fine days. The only woman who could compete with the young queen was [...]

2014 February

The best first date ever

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Speaking of Valentine’s Day and happenings like this Best Marital Proposal Ever, maybe the only other thing to say is this. We think we’re in charge of our lives, and in a way we are. We’re in charge of what side of the bed we may get out of in the morning and what sort of [...]

2013 May

When men leave their wives

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We were in a park yesterday and the children were playing with their new kites and the sunshine, and with them were several adults including a 75-year-old man with thin wisps of gray hair and a new girlfriend. I said hello and shook hands and we talked briefly about memories from 30-some years earlier, a time [...]

2013 February

Royal Weddings are the best

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On that particular Valentine’s Day, I bought a dozen red roses and hid them. Each had a question attached (like, 'Will you play racquetball with me?'), to which, after she found each , she had to yell a loud ‘Yes!’ She, My Bride-To-Be, was doing quite fine, finding one rose in this corner, another under that bed, [...]