2013 May

Going home

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One day, maybe, science will measure just what exactly happens to the deepest part of our beings when we go home -- what happens not just to our emotions, but what happens physiologically in our organs, in our cells, in our very molecular makeup when we go to the place where we belong. I don’t mean [...]

2013 March

We’re Mennonite. Which way to Switzerland?

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It’s bedtime. The issue of Catholics and Protestants comes up, like we just dropped into the 16th century. That moves to Mennonites. The kids want to know what Mennonites are all about. We have a Mennonite name and heritage. (You know Friese, Frieselandt, Froese etc.) I figure it's a good time to share some family pride (in [...]

2013 February

We’re lovers. This is how we fight.

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We’re driving to school and Jon is sitting in front. I figure it’s a good time to talk about man stuff. ‘When you fight,’ I say, ‘don’t rely too much on your big toe.’ Jon is soaking his big toe in a bucket of salt water.  Short of having to cut his big toe off (Jon looked [...]