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2013 May

When men leave their wives

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We were in a park yesterday and the children were playing with their new kites and the sunshine, and with them were several adults including a 75-year-old man with thin wisps of gray hair and a new girlfriend. I said hello and shook hands and we talked briefly about memories from 30-some years earlier, a time [...]

2013 May

Going home

2017-01-31T23:18:42-05:00May 1st, 2013|Categories: Daily Dad|Tags: , , , , , , |1 Comment

One day, maybe, science will measure just what exactly happens to the deepest part of our beings when we go home -- what happens not just to our emotions, but what happens physiologically in our organs, in our cells, in our very molecular makeup when we go to the place where we belong. I don’t mean [...]