Père Lachaise Cemetery

2017 October

Happy Death Day: here’s to getting clarity in life

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I walked through the cemetery today. I often do. It was me and the cold and the wet and my old umbrella. The umbrella is covered in deco of old newspaper headlines: the Jays won the World Series; Gorbachev was dismantling the USSR. My umbrella and I blew around like the news

2014 June

Jim Morrison’s grave and the cold, muddy earth

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(Photo by Thomas Froese Something from the other side of this blog, from www.thomasfroese.com, this commentary here, or below, originally published in Christian Week, some thoughts from Paris, from the Père Lachaise Cemetery. It's one of the world’s most remarkable graveyards, a solemn place that we as a family recently took some time for on our way home [...]

2014 May

Known by our love ( … or the things we’re against?)

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(Christian Week – Friday, May 23, 2014) PARIS ✦ Dead rock stars aren’t the only idols to worship out there. Houses and cars, retirement portfolios, relationships and sex—or, well, religion—can be equally distracting in a fallen world looking for things as nebulous as truth and meaning. But come to the Père Lachaise Cemetery and see for yourself the cult of rock-star celebrity. In this gothic and tumbledown resting place of some of the world’s best-known artists—Chopin, Bizet, Proust, Oscar Wilde to name a few—Jim Morrison’s grave is by far the most visited.