2014 September

Out of the womb

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A recent conversation with my eldest. Liz: Daddy, do you like my high heels? Me: No. They'll give you a bad back. Liz: But Daddy, I'm growing up. Me: You're barely out of the womb. + This brings us to The Cat. Faithful Reader knows enough about this playboy animal. He has a history here in our Ugandan [...]

2013 October

Morning in Africa with the animals

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It’s morning in Africa and, as often, today started with reading and listening to Brahms while on the cross-trainer and enjoying the brightness of the day’s creation. And here the creation is now Zack, our new Young Dog, plus four new rabbits from Sam and his significant other, plus Bilbo, The Cat’s Girlfriend, so named [...]

2013 October

Our dog is too sexy for his Speedo

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I’m way too sexy for my underwear. Which is why I wear a Speedo into the pool. I expect the same from our new dog. We picked him up yesterday. His name is Zack, which, if you’re a thief, is short for Zack Attack. His birthday, as we’ve discovered, is on My Bride’s and my [...]

2013 April

A different sort of Easter bunny story

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We’ve heard the story so many times – Jesus died, Jesus rose from the dead – that we think we know something about something, and maybe we do know, if nothing else, a profound hope, the hope of eternal life not on some fluffy cloud playing a harp with cherubs floating around, but a hope of [...]

2013 January

Ma bird and a promise

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The birds have hatched. I saw them during my morning elliptical routine in the music room. At first, the nest that’s just outside the room's window seemed both empty and rundown, like Ma hadn’t made the bed for a couple of days. I thought she was gone for good to find a more suitable birthing [...]