2015 January

The Nature of Peace – 4 – (and falling for goalies)

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Here, or below, we’re continuing on the theme of The Nature of Peace, this the fourth of several excerpts from an address I gave in Hamilton, Canada in November 2014. Excerpt #1 is here and #2 is here and #3 is here. But first, about the kids. + Liz gets a phone call from a friend. [...]

2015 January

The Nature of Peace – 4 – Understanding risk

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Last week I was at a pool in Uganda doing my lanes. And most of the time when I swim in Uganda this particular pool is empty because Ugandans don’t swim. But this day there was a little girl there – she looked about 10 years old – and she was trying to learn to swim and she came up to me in the water and said, “Okay. I’ll climb on your back and you’ll swim and carry me and I’ll kick.”

2013 October

Joy and giving up your life … from Korea to Antarctica

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The year was 1912 and the newspaper ad was from the London Times and it went like this: “Men wanted for hazardous journey. Small wages. Bitter cold. Long months of complete darkness. Constant danger. Safe return is doubtful.” This, from a more heroic age when men would bet everything they had, even their lives, on [...]

2002 September

The world is becoming more of a neighbourhood

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It's daybreak and we're again travelling the dusty roads of Sanaa, Yemen's capital. After two days of travel, Jean and I are nearing home, a ground-level apartment on a street with no name. Thank you U-2.

2002 May

It’s tough to find peace anywhere

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Thank you for your wishes for "peace and quiet" and "safety and peace." It seems one can't keep anything secret any more. The Internet shows newspapers from China to Switzerland to Australia have reported the recent racket in Yemen.