2014 December

The Story – 5 – Living in the ‘now’

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We are a story, a living story, if we are anything, and this is one reason, maybe the best, why stories will never go out of fashion. In my own family, much of our time together revolves around stories. We read them every night and often the children read more on their beds, flashlights in hand, [...]

2013 January

We’ll always pay for our actions

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(The New Vision - Monday, January 14, 2013) KAMPALA, UGANDA ✦ There are six of us around the table. We’re disturbed and talking about how to help. The place where we work and live and have friendships and worship with others is under attack. Through 2012, this place, an educational institution, became, as one Ugandan said, “a den of thieves.” Then the new year had barely arrived when a campus home was broken into and robbed while its Ugandan family slept.

2012 October

New approach clearly needed to curb out-of-control thefts

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A fresher unwittingly gives her laptop to someone posing to be from UCU’s IT department. The computer is never returned. An Honours College resident has her laptop and i-Pad stolen through a broken window. A couple of nights later, a camera and money are lifted from the same residence. A pair of laptops are taken [...]