single fatherhood

2014 January

The hills are alive with the sound of mystery

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So over the weekend Hannah and I did a little dance because Hannah wanted to dance in her new birthday bathrobe, this during an intermission of The Sound of Music, the first time all five of us sat down to watch it together. Maybe Hannah danced too because we’re still basking in the glow, that [...]

2013 November

Hey, let’s shoot Dad!

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So, it’s Day 15 of Single Daddin It’ and we’re at the dinner table, that place of ever-illuminating discussion, and Jon blurts out, ‘Hey Dad, if you got shot, would you rather be shot in the mouth or in the eye?’ I looked up from my Kraft Dinner and hotdogs. I mean, really, has it [...]

2013 November

Jean rocks Hamilton. So does the Spectator. (The kids? I think they’re in Congo)

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It’s somewhere around Day 54,386 of Single Daddin’ It, the highlight of my year when it's just me and the kids. Is it November still? I think it snowed yesterday. Pretty sure about that. Somewhat sure. Okay maybe it rained. I think Jean called yesterday too. She’s my wife. My Bride. We started dating when you [...]