2016 April

Just call me The Daily Granddad

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We’re taking the long way home. Through the UK. More to follow. Before this, through Athens. More to follow from here also. And before this, transiting through Brussels airport. Yes, that Brussels airport. And sure, more to follow from this (now) well-known spot as well. But first, it’s the pool, our final good-bye to Uganda [...]

2015 September

My son lost his shorts. (But we’re still fine parents.)

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So, the boy arrived home from the school this week wearing his swimsuit. He had lost his shorts. And those other shorts, also. Yes, those other shorts. The conversation went like this. “How was your day at school, son?” “I lost my shorts." “Oh.” “And my underwear too.” “That’s great Jon.” The swimsuit my son [...]

2013 October

Our dog is too sexy for his Speedo

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I’m way too sexy for my underwear. Which is why I wear a Speedo into the pool. I expect the same from our new dog. We picked him up yesterday. His name is Zack, which, if you’re a thief, is short for Zack Attack. His birthday, as we’ve discovered, is on My Bride’s and my [...]