the birds and the bees

2015 April

Sexually delicate territories

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The best time to talk to your nine-year-old boy about women’s plumbing and these sorts of sexually delicate territories is when he’s asleep. This is what every trying father discovers after said boy lays splayed on the living room floor pretending he’s having a baby. Yes, my son Jon was in obvious pain – it seems no epidural [...]

2014 September

Yada Yada Yada on sex and my manhood

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I don’t know. All this talk about sex and my manhood. It started when this post simply shared our updated family photo and the news that while the Family Dog is now in our annual shot, our family won’t get larger because I’ve had the snip-snip, that is a vasectomy. My Obstetrician Babe gave her [...]

2014 March

Let’s talk about sex. (And fear and politics and phoney religion too)

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“Hey, let’s talk about sex!” I said. I couldn’t help it. It was at the dinner table yesterday evening and Mom wasn’t there and it just sort of tumbled out.  You know, like “Hey, pass the carrots, will ya?” Now, sure, I know my kids are sort of young. But I’ve already had some pretty [...]

2013 August

Jon and Hannah on the birds and the bees

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The conversation with my so mature 8-year-old boy went like this: Jon: Dad, when are you going to tell Hannah about the birds and the bees? Me: When she’s ready. Jon: When will that be? Me: When she's ready. Then shortly later, the conversation, now with Jon and Hannah, all of seven, went like this. [...]

2013 July

On anniversaries and a medley of “summer love”

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(Hamilton Spectator – Friday, July 26, 2013) Love has always been one of those loaded words, one that means everything and nothing at the same time because we can love the latest Bond movie or country music or summer rain, but this has nothing to do with summer love at, say, a July wedding, or the love that shows on the faces of a couple who have sailed through thick and thin.

2013 March

Women, ladies and Sexy Lady. Hannah, don’t ask.

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The pressure is on for me to tell Hannah, our youngest, about the Birds and the Bees. It all started with Sexy Lady. No, Justin Bieber. Okay, all I can remember is Jon, in his eloquence and wisdom, was talking about the difference between women and ladies. This is how the discussion goes on the drive home [...]