2014 November

A surprise for all of us. Thank you.

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So, I went for my morning swim as usual today, the only difference that the pool was in Canada where, normally, in November, I am not. And after I finished and walked out through the lobby, the day's newspaper in hand, the gal at the counter called me by name and said the boss, that is the [...]

2014 September

Today the plane flies. So does the newsletter. (If you care.)

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Friends - Today we -- My Bride, the children, Yours Truly -- are back on a plane to Uganda. (And, as they say, it's not the destination that counts, but the journey. This is why in my family we don't really care where exactly the plane may be flying, as long as the movies are all working fine.) [...]

2014 March

Hey Little Jeannie. You’ve got so much love. (And I’m a better man for it.)

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The truth is that if it wasn’t for My Bride, I’d be living on some deserted island hunting wild boar and eating coconuts and running around a fire as crazy as the Mad Hatter. But she rescued me from that life some time ago and brought me to Yemen. (YEMEN! of all places.) And now, [...]