the school run

2013 December

But officer, in my country red actually means ‘Go!’

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When you go through a red light and get stopped for it in a foreign country, you should always pretend that in your home country red means 'Go!' Then gesture wildly with your hands and speak jibberish in your native language. Unless your native tongue is English and you’re in Uganda, where pretty well everyone, [...]

2013 November

Lose your life, find your bliss

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It’s the other day and we’re on the streets of Uganda, on the morning school run again, this time behind a tanker truck plodding in front of us. “Danger,” it says in red letters that are big enough. Then, some distance below, near the license plate, “God bless my work.” Such open prayers and other [...]

2013 November

Remembrance Day and Cinderella and The Poor Lonely Single Dad

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It’s officially Day 1 of being the Poor Lonely Single Dad – Jean is back in Canada for, gulp, 18 days – and we’ve slept in by 45 minutes and The New Young Dog goes without his morning walk but we still manage to scramble and jump in the truck and get on the bumpy dirt road [...]

2013 April

Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow. No, really. (With music by Fleetwood Mac)

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Liz has a pile of CDs in her lap and she's rotating the songs, all our favourites, and we’re driving and Fleetwood Mac’s old classic 'Don’t Stop Thinking about Tomorrow' comes on and it's good, it's all so very good. It’s the sort of song that can say a lot at a wedding. In fact, not long after [...]

2013 March

Women, ladies and Sexy Lady. Hannah, don’t ask.

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The pressure is on for me to tell Hannah, our youngest, about the Birds and the Bees. It all started with Sexy Lady. No, Justin Bieber. Okay, all I can remember is Jon, in his eloquence and wisdom, was talking about the difference between women and ladies. This is how the discussion goes on the drive home [...]

2013 February

We’re lovers. This is how we fight.

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We’re driving to school and Jon is sitting in front. I figure it’s a good time to talk about man stuff. ‘When you fight,’ I say, ‘don’t rely too much on your big toe.’ Jon is soaking his big toe in a bucket of salt water.  Short of having to cut his big toe off (Jon looked [...]