Uganda Christian University

2019 January

Servant-leadership is vital for UCU’s ongoing success

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“We are suffering. We are all suffering terribly.”This is what she said. I could see it in her face. Others told me the same. It was here at UCU. I listened. I was saddened. Disturbed. My heart broke. This is not how it was meant to go. Nobody saw this coming.

2018 February

Breathing clean air in a pit-latrine nation

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It’s Saturday morning and we’re in the newsroom of The Standard, talking – well, laughing – about Donald Trump’s most recent step into a cow patty. African nations, home to more than one billion of the world’s people, are in Trump’s alleged words, “shithole countries.” The president

2018 January

Nkoyoyo’s service and vision from education of the heart

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It’s been with surprise and sadness that, recently returning for some teaching at UCU, I’ve returned at this time of Archbishop Livingstone Nkoyoyo’s passing. Not that I knew Nkoyoyo, who, by all accounts, was among the most remarkable of Ugandans.

2013 September

Attracting partnerships and fresh thinking in Africa

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(The UCU Standard – Monday, September 23, 2013) MUKONO, UGANDA ✦ The old Yiddish joke goes like this. ‘Do you know what makes God laugh? People making plans.’ This is the mystery of it, of the Gospel itself, really. Even our lives, fragile and short as they are, are not ours to over-script. No, we need to open them to possibilities outside ourselves, and when we do, surely good surprises will come along the way. It’s as true for any person as it is for an institution like UCU. I was reminded of this while around the dinner table – twice – during my family’s recent season back in North America.

2012 October

New approach clearly needed to curb out-of-control thefts

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A fresher unwittingly gives her laptop to someone posing to be from UCU’s IT department. The computer is never returned. An Honours College resident has her laptop and i-Pad stolen through a broken window. A couple of nights later, a camera and money are lifted from the same residence. A pair of laptops are taken [...]