Ugandan children

2015 December

Mary and Christmas carols in Africa

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‘Where does everyone go at Christmas?’ I asked, and all the African kids yelled 'Home!' and that’s how it started, a brief word shared last night from the front of our own home where a few dozen carollers, mostly Ugandans, gathered. It was our annual contribution to Christmas things here at the university that we’ve [...]

2015 June

O Canada, Hannah stands on guard for thee

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In time to celebrate for Canada Day, the country has a new citizen with a brand new Canadian passport in hand. Her name is Hannah. She has a story. Faithful Reader knows some of, it, how gruelling an experience this has all been for some years as expressed in this New Vision piece. But after, [...]

2015 January

Sometimes children should be seen and not heard

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It was at the dinner table, Sunday evening, and the kids and Mom were telling me about the morning service where some brave Ugandan kid got up in front of hundreds of university students and adults too and boldly rhymed off a poem expressing his sincere wish that Ugandan parents would just listen to their [...]

2014 October

Someday the last will be first. Someday.

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It’s been Hannah in the news here lately, with this post at Thanksgiving and, the other day, this photo, a photo that prompted a Ugandan university student to write me and say a big thank you to our entire family for adopting Hannah. ("thanx for adopting our ugandan girl who cant help her self....") This sort of [...]

2014 October

A letter of thanks from a Ugandan girl

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My Bride is in Tanzania with some Save the Mother work so I’ve been Single Daddin’ It for a couple of days which is nothing, really, compared to an American friend who is doing the same for an entire month as his wife is back in The States for some important things there. So my friend [...]

2014 October

Learning to be a kid again

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KAMPALA, UGANDA✦It’s the children who in the end will be given the keys to the Kingdom. This is what Jesus said on the matter. Be a kid again. The way up is down. If you want even half a shot at eternal life, as if it were somehow possible, go and grow young.

2014 April

Why I support a longer school day

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It’s dinner time and once again the kids just HAVE to talk about sex, which is quite remarkable considering the only Miley Cyrus they watch is from the days when she was a fully-clothed Hannah Montana who kept her tongue to herself. Of course, the best way to end any kids' sex talk is to [...]