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2015 February

What’s better than wine and stronger than death?

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When you're an 11-year-old and a boy in your class asks you to go out and it's the day before Valentine's Day and he even gives you a rose, what's a girl to do? This was the situation yesterday for Liz. Of course, it takes great courage for a boy to muster all it takes [...]

2013 February

Royal Wedding excerpts, full story

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Due to the huge readership (Mom, Dad - God bless both of you) of yesterday’s special Valentines’ post ...  ...  following are a few excerpts from the noted Royal Wedding news story that announced when My Bride and I were engaged. “To be announced is a July 29 wedding, ending speculation that has swirled around [...]

2013 February

Royal Weddings are the best

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On that particular Valentine’s Day, I bought a dozen red roses and hid them. Each had a question attached (like, 'Will you play racquetball with me?'), to which, after she found each , she had to yell a loud ‘Yes!’ She, My Bride-To-Be, was doing quite fine, finding one rose in this corner, another under that bed, [...]