2015 August

Truth under cover

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(Christian Week - August 2015) HAMILTON, CANADA ✦ The ring that my wife put on my finger on the day that we married stayed there for some years until the sorry day it flew off while my arm was in mid-upstroke in an Ontario lake.

2015 July

On turning 50, flying candy and new wedding rings

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When you’re 20 the world (thank you Rich Mullins) is your parking lot. When you’re 30 you know better. When you’re 40 you’ve had a crash or two. You live with a regret or three (even if you've divorced them). By the time you reach my age – I turned 50 this past week – you’re happy [...]

2012 December

With this ring…

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I wear a wedding ring that I bought for 10 bucks at a Native trinket shop in New Mexico a couple of years ago. It’s wide and tight enough and it looks pretty okay. It’s sort of silver in colour, even though the material, I suppose, is more like tin. It has a gnarled design [...]