2015 February

What’s better than wine and stronger than death?

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When you're an 11-year-old and a boy in your class asks you to go out and it's the day before Valentine's Day and he even gives you a rose, what's a girl to do? This was the situation yesterday for Liz. Of course, it takes great courage for a boy to muster all it takes [...]

2015 February

Singing in the heart of Africa

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It’s a beautiful morning in Africa, not just because the sun is rising and the birds are singing and the monkeys jumping, but because my daughter too is singing. She has been working on this piece for weeks – it’s an Adele song – and I will never tire of hearing it because there’s a [...]

2013 April

Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow. No, really. (With music by Fleetwood Mac)

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Liz has a pile of CDs in her lap and she's rotating the songs, all our favourites, and we’re driving and Fleetwood Mac’s old classic 'Don’t Stop Thinking about Tomorrow' comes on and it's good, it's all so very good. It’s the sort of song that can say a lot at a wedding. In fact, not long after [...]

2013 February

Royal Wedding excerpts, full story

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Due to the huge readership (Mom, Dad - God bless both of you) of yesterday’s special Valentines’ post ...  ...  following are a few excerpts from the noted Royal Wedding news story that announced when My Bride and I were engaged. “To be announced is a July 29 wedding, ending speculation that has swirled around [...]

2013 February

Royal Weddings are the best

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On that particular Valentine’s Day, I bought a dozen red roses and hid them. Each had a question attached (like, 'Will you play racquetball with me?'), to which, after she found each , she had to yell a loud ‘Yes!’ She, My Bride-To-Be, was doing quite fine, finding one rose in this corner, another under that bed, [...]

2012 November

The Lord’s house

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It’s after the ceremony today and the bride and groom are at my place because they like what we’ve done with the stonework and flowers and all. They’re having photos taken when the groom, a long-time Ugandan journalist friend, asks if I’ll give a speech at the reception. It’s in two hours. When the moment [...]