2013 April

Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow. No, really. (With music by Fleetwood Mac)

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Liz has a pile of CDs in her lap and she's rotating the songs, all our favourites, and we’re driving and Fleetwood Mac’s old classic 'Don’t Stop Thinking about Tomorrow' comes on and it's good, it's all so very good. It’s the sort of song that can say a lot at a wedding. In fact, not long after [...]

2013 March

The day we almost lost Jon

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We lose things in our family. Swimming goggles. Socks. Our patience with each other. We’ve almost lost Jon twice. The first time was at our Ugandan university home, which is generally safe except for the snakes and wild monkeys and irritating birds that tend to hang around such institutions of higher learning. ‘So, where is [...]