2016 October

On gardening, grace and writing

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(The Hamilton Spectator - Saturday, October 8, 2016) MUKONO, UGANDA ✦ Someone (a writer, naturally) once said that writing is like prayer. Prayer, it seems to me, is like gardening. I’ve struggled with all three. The small garden behind our African home is testament to this. Many seasons it’s been a disappointing annoyance. Nearby trees steal valuable sunlight and nutrients. I suppose the space should never have been chosen to start.

2016 February

Froese, the prodigal

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The thing about working with words is that they can get tired and worn and they can lose their meaning. The wordsmiths who handle (and mishandle) them can easily forget this. Yours Truly is no less guilty than any. I was reminded of this this morning when Faithful Spec Reader took the time to tell [...]

2013 July

On Helen Keller, being blind and doing something

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You never know what to say when you’re up there. Your name is called. There’s a presenter, a certain presenter picked just for you, waiting to hand you the honour, the certificate in this case, the paper of recognition that has your name on it. You walk up and you receive it and then, besides a simple [...]

2013 February

My son’s underwear are for the supermarket tabloids

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Sometimes I’m asked, ‘Hey, Daily Dad, where do you get your incredibly fantastic ideas from?’ I say, ‘Well, the best ideas, the ones that will put me on the front of the supermarket tabloids, find me.’ Take right now. I’m having lunch and the tunes here include Chicago. I mean Chicago, the band, right in [...]

2013 February

Liz’s award-winning story

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As noted yesterday at http://www.dailydad.net/2013/my-daughter-rocks-in-the-writing-world-and-the-kitchen/ this is Liz’s award-winning story in its entirety. Mr. Carrot’s Exciting Day Mr. Carrot was walking to work, anxious to hear his first assignment from his new boss. “It’s my first day of work,” hummed Mr. Carrot. “Almost there,” he whispered to himself, as he took a deep breath. When [...]

2013 February

My daughter rocks in the writing world … and the kitchen

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Liz just wrote her first award-winning story. It’s called 'Mr. Carrot’s Exciting Day.' The award was a cookbook given by her Year 5 (that’s Grade 4 in Canada) teacher. And so Liz has been in the kitchen quite a bit these days, with her apron and smile and mango smoothies and other big rockin' plans [...]